Design Center Sourcebook 2016 - Digital Edition

This is the digital edition for the Design Center Sourcebook 2016 issue.

This is a slideshow of the new app created with Adobe Experience Manager Mobile. The Design Center Sourcebook lives in the New Old House app on itunes. The consumer navigates through sections by clicking on the box with that theme starting with the section opener pages, followed by the enhanced listing pages and ending with the all company listing pages. Below you will find still images of the catalog. Alternatively, the consumer can click on the uppermost box and scroll through the catalog page by page. The Design Center Sourcebook is fully interactive. 
Table of Contents
Interactivity - tap anywhere to jump to that section
Section opener page
Section opener page
Enhanced listing page
Interactivity - click on thumbnails to scroll through, tap on link to naviagate to company's website
All listings page
Interactivity - Tap on link to navigate to the company's website 

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