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social media strategy - twitter
• have people excited about initiatives
    • create a hype
• Introduce dates and times
    • for initatives to be successful, people have to 
      know where and when to go
    • immediacy
• tips on eating better
• facts about produce
• feedback
tweet examples:
#snackman is coming to Pine Brook Elementary school at 3pm. Get ready for a happy snack. #happyfood #happytummy

(retweeted from Pittsford Farms)
Cows are getting milked today for @foodforthought’s
#milkbar. #moo

Did you know milk had 293mg of your recommended 
1,300mg of daily calcium? Get your fix at #milkbar
Look at the peppers we planted at #Gardenhouse today. 
social media strategy - facebook
• introduce special events
    • late night milkbar with parents
    • the gardenhouse community dinners
• sponsors
• links to info about healthy eating
post about an info meeting about gardenhouse
re-post about healthy frozen pizza options
pictures added by follower
positive feedback by follower
post about the farm bill by follower
follower rsvping to the gardenhouse spring dinner
snackman - created for elementary school children who are low income. They have never had an avocado before and don't know where carrots come from. This initative is set up for children to eat more healthy and learn about food in the process.
plates have questions about where food comes from. when children eat the food, the answers appear in cooresponding colors.
mobile food cart and food truck
ipad game so the children can make their own interactive snackman
milkbar - a hip space for middle schoolers to hang out before or after school. They usually drink soda or iced tea because it is cheap. They don't get a lot of calcium in their diet, which they need because they are growning. 
logo, menu and interior space
infographic about the milk making process
infographic application on wall of milkbar
the gardenhouse - an indoor community garden created for high schoolers. for young adults who want to learn more about gardening, have free time, are leaders, have lots of energy. when produce is ripe, it is picked and the young adults learn how to cook it. Then, they serve it to community members of their choice at a community dinner.
logo, seed packet promotional pieces, signage for the interior

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