I designed this social media piece for a Father's Day promotion for Utah Life Magazine. I had created an email blast with a similar design and call to action and resized that graphic for social media purposes, meaning a more square format with just a headline and one call to action. My goal was to use strong typography, a textured background and large covers to grab the attention of potential subscribers or gift-givers on social media. This post reached 770 people on Facebook, got 26 likes and 2 comments (430 followers at the time). On Instagram, the post got 31 likes and 3 comments (583 followers at the time). I used indesign to design the piece. 

The goal of this email blast was to inform the receivers of a one-day special deal to celebrate Colorado's birthday. I designed the banner to include the top of the Capitol building, which is a very icon symbol. The body of the email blast has a few linked entry points to make it easy for the receiver to click the link, which opens to a website page with that product's special price. This email was sent to 4,433 Colorado Life Magazine subscribers with a 40% open rate and and 11% click rate. The result was about 60 orders in one day for the special deal. I used indesign for the banner graphic and Mailjet as the email marketing program. 

I  intentionally designed the ad concept for Utah Life Magazine to show diversity, and not to sell a product. My goal being to get the reader intrigued by the different locations,  color schemes and subject matter in the reel of photos. Then, feel curious to read the bit of text I wrote. I wanted to inform the reader about the vastness of Utah and make them feel interested about the diversity Utah has to offer. The color bar at the bottom keeps the eye moving toward the logo and contact info and shows progression. I kept the typefaces fairly clean for good readability with a large headline to grab the attention of the mature reader. I used photoshop to color-correct the photos and indesign to lay out the design. 

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